The wind cannot be stopped

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The tendency of dictatorships to favour short-term analysis instead of long-term reflection is one of their many limits.

This was once more demonstrated by Russia and China, who vetoed a UN resolution condemning the Syrian crackdown, without sanctioning the Syrian regime.

The French Permanent Representative very rightfully said in his vote-explanation that the veto goes against the course of history. It is also goes against long-term Russian and Chinese interests.

What will happen indeed when Assad’s regime eventually falls? (Having lost all legitimacy by shooting its people, torturing even children and devastating the country in a thousand unacceptable ways, it is from now on morally, but also politically, condemned).

It is indeed very probable that once in power, the government of free Syria will hastily dismantle Russia’s Tartous military base and withdraw from the agreements signed by the Assads with the Russians and the Chinese.

The Russian and Chinese vetos can only be explained by the two countries’ pathological obsession with maintaining their right to(mis)handle their own people as they wish, without any humanitarian and moral considerations.

By showing yesterday their solidarity with an inhuman regime, these two countries, permanently infected by decades of communist illusion and a profound contempt for their people and their rights, braced themselves against the wind of freedom which, at last, blows in the Middle-East. But the men of desert know this: the wind cannot be stopped.

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