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This is what Bachar al-Assad, his security forces and his thugs can write on the rubbish bags in which they return the activists’corpses they tortured to death to their families.

Activists’ corpses, but also those of members of their families even if they abstained from any political action, such as the 18-year old  Zeynab al-Hosni who was abducted in order to force her brother to give himself up. Mohammed al-Hosni was eventually caught, but Zaynab was never returned to her parents. The only thing they retrieved was her corpse. Or, rather, what was left of her after the monstrous tortures she was subjected to.

Videos of her martyred body are circulating on internet. They are so unbearable that TV Channel France 24 declared they had decided not to air them.

It is time however to show this video, as well as those of all the Syrian martyrs, including the one showing the maimed body of Hamza, 13 year old. It is time for the international community –  the UN, but also every state and every nation who claim they are civilized, you, me – to finally realize that it is not possible to allow such horrors to be committed before our very eyes.

The Security Council was asked long ago to act but it did not. At the very least, we must demand that it be presented with these pictures, so it can no longer pretend to ignore that Bachar al-Assad’s regime is not just barbaric but thoroughly inhuman.

Above all, we must demand, along with the still-peaceful Syrian protesters, the implementation of a humanitarian zone. If we do nothing, if we let other children, women and men be tortured and killed, we will soon be, us too, beyond the pale of humanity.

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  1. Sophie Cluzan dit :

    Our silence and the use we make of time will force Syrian pacifists to give up with their useless convictions and get armed.

    In their way, let us hope that they will not answer by finally creating other Zaynab or Rafah in order catch and destroy their awful prey.

    As we know them, Syrians can make us be confident. But who they have to fight would transform anyone.

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